ASO toy and food drives

By: Monica Parra Families of students within Los Angeles Harbor College and the surrounding community have the opportunity to receive donated goods collected by the Associated Students Organization from now until Dec. 22, 2019.  October has several fun-filled and spooky activities to participate in. During this time is when ASO puts out the word that... Continue Reading →

Harbor inducts some Familiar Faces into Athletics Hall of Fame

 The guest list contained quite a few visitors one being Mickey Teora, a Hall of Famer who was noted “the first touchdown in Harbor’s history.” The newest inductee, David Elecciri, had some words to express when he said, “It takes a group effort as we are first effective for how we feel given on our actions for what we know.” He played in 76-77 and helped coach Michael Wilson to get the 49ers 4 wins at the superbowl. Along with many of the newest inductees it was unfortunate to announce that one inductee, Sam Martin, had passed on before his induction year...

Campus being surveillanced; Will it change anything? 

Harbor has signed a new Sheriff Deputy, Larry Loughlin, this semester to replace Guskos and has led to having a more active authorities out and about. While it showed improvement, Harbor had cameras that weren’t functional like students would imagine. Equipment was old and dated, vision for some were blocked by construction which led to perpetrators taking advantage of blind-spots and more shocking details. The district take safety issues seriously and make sure all campuses must supply measures and funding to their schools which as harbor starting to take more serious measures which started a couple of months ago...

Plan for survival: run, hide, fight. 

By: Monica Parra   Los Angeles Harbor College held its first ever “Active Shooter Training” where 56 faculty and staff members attended to receive information on how to prevent any injuries and fatalities in case of a mass shooting. There is no telling when or why an active shooter would be on campus, but with... Continue Reading →

Beginning of the end for Club Rush?

The very anticipated Club Rush Los Angeles Harbor College hosts every new semester turned out to be a misstep in the eyes of the general student public one such as Jeremiah Gates as “a disaster”. Transfer Con, an event hosted to help students know where they would want to transfer to, coincided with Club Rush which in the grand scheme of things had good student participation but kinda hurt Club Rush as whole when the student appeal drove students to pick between the two events with all the little time between courses. Including questionable attendance, some clubs failed to make an appearance. The day of the event, tables and booths were set up for Transfer Con on the right side of the Music building and Student Union building. Staff and workers had it up and ready around 9 a.m. along with Club Rush which was right across from Transfer Con near Fine Arts. A.S.O.


By Sabrina Johnson Los Angeles Community College District wants their students to succeed, and are aware that many students may not have the time to go to their college campus to receive the free tutoring provided. So to make things easier for their dedicated students they have introduced free online tutoring called NetTutor to all... Continue Reading →

Food Variety Around Campus

By: John Jay Robianes The whole campus at Los Angeles Harbor College carries a variety of food that satisfies students hunger from a long class period. Students as well as Harbor Prep  love the variety of food there is and continue to come back for the low prices. The dining area is almost always full... Continue Reading →

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