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Food lines?

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Harbor Tides Editor Timothy Rosales spotted a line of cars April 1 at a food giveaway in his hometown of Carson.

A world order out of order

By Erleen Barrett, staff writer

Lately One World Order is in order due to the coronavirus.

Every nation is experiencing this plague. The coronavirus has become a world -wide problem. Reports of the sick and dying from around the world are broadcast in every nation. For the first time there is a stoppage of wars between enemy countries. Instead of fighting, each leader has decided to put down their mortal combat weapons and listen to any nation for answers and ways to save their nations. Enemies have become friends temporarily.

Multitudes are affected by a plague that seems to be on the run. Hitting so many people at once. Therefore, sharing vital healthcare information and products like face masks, ventilators, and necessary equipment to survive – has made the whole earth one common ground and friends. One hand washing the other. As all join up to fight together and conquer this plague. Because it does matter if the other nation has it. People travel. Get the message. SO it was wise to help clean the environment and the earth for the benefit of all.

Watching out for the other nations now, regardless of race, religion and creed or color. We all are on the same goal… To remain healthy. It’s not even about money or land or gold. But remaining healthy is the focus. Priceless wisdom you know.

Swift action is the response. Organization to combat this invisible tyrant that is plaguing all nations in the earth. So many things have changed so quickly. NOW every nation is speaking the same words. Using only a different language but saying the same things: “Wash your hands; practice social distancing; wear a mask or facial covering in public; shutting down non- essential markets and giving stimulus money; housing mortgage and rent payments are suspended. A few breaks to help the poor.” Every nation is watching the other. Doing the same thing and checking feedback to see how it goes. We have become a world that is watching out for one another. Whereas, prior to this. No one seemed to care. But this chaotic plague has awakened the masses to come together –  for the betterment of mankind.

There is an order out of chaos. Getting the homeless off the streets. Now their redemption has come. Moving every form of spreading the virus in the communities – are being addressed.

Interesting how the universal markets have changed. Better in some ways and worse in others.

Keeping only essential market doors open for the public. To eat and purchase needed products – maintaining life while the plague passes over.

Hospitals are open for business but ask that you only come if absolutely necessary. For their environment is contaminated by multitudes seeking relief from the coronavirus. Order is in order on the grounds that there is a division for being safe and soundly kept. Over here is designated for those non-infected. Over there are quarantined sections. High risk for whosoever is in the area. Even the doctors, nurses and any staff are likely to be caught by this ravaging invisible enemy. Still trying to fight it. With what has now been shared “this works. “Try as they may – the body count rises. And medical personnel are counted among the dead. It happened so suddenly. A symptom and then .. It’s over. The public praises the medical teams but stays far from them in public. Afraid that they are waking in garments of contamination. Praises from afar “good job” they say – while they cross on the other side of the aisles in a store or in the street markets.

Order out of chaos, is the ‘new norm.’ Both a blessing and a cursing at the same time for some.. Order has come into the highways and byways around the world. Everyone is aboard the ship of recovery, ‘stand down. ‘Everyone now is paying attention to the news. Some are passing illegitimate views. Media telling the churches what to do. Imagine that. Condemning those who choose to follow the law of the lands – given by them in authority. Stay at home and don’t go to work. “Cut down the size of groups”, the law says. Yet some chose to disobey and place their members in harm’s way. By not choosing to maintain distance spaces. The older ones are prone to die faster than the young. But the coronavirus has no respect for anyone, not age nor races. For those shepherds that don’t understand.. This new law is better right now for all mankind. It’s not about rights to worship.. But rather.. An opportunity to discover new ways to share a good Word of God and message, from a distance. Find order out of the chaos. Use wisdom and care for the flock.

Order out of chaos. This is the new way. As singer Kelontae Gavin sang, “No Ordinary Worship.”

Worshipping God has changed. I believe many find relief to watch service from within their homes. The SHEPHERDS across the world have gone virtual – online with their sermons. Encouraging the flock to “fear not, the plague will pass over us” is the universal sermon on the lips of Christian followers. Ironically this message is shared during the Passover season. Right on time. We can use the illustration and faith.. Exercised now to believe it. That “we are protected under the blood covering.” Sharing text messages to one another the Psalms 23 and 91 – are most popular. A new order for service has come through the chaos.

Order out of chaos – can you believe it? Gas prices and the stock market have dropped to the bottom of the barrel. Price drops for housing. Freezes in place when you can’t pay your rent. Insurance companies have mercy and give price cuts because they took notice that people were not driving. Order is the result of seeing a money crisis. The elderly are allowed into the shopping stores first. What? In this generation of Selfies.. We learn how to use respect? Something is happening in our societies. Good things are coming through because of the evil plague. Benefits for college and students K-12. Staying at home is fun. But learning how to navigate online seems like hell. Yet we strive to make adjustments to this new system in our lives.

School buildings are empty. Social distancing intact. But learning continues.. Finding new ways to communicate. Notice the differences found. Administrators that were unavailable are now sending regular emails. Governors and heads of state are also easier to reach. The public voices finally have been given a voice to speak. Hospitals can get what is needed much quicker. As they give a report of the demise. Help arrives more quickly. The voices of the people are finally being heard. The whole world hears your report through the news. While your hospital is mentioned.. Of what was done. Whether good news or bad. Creative doctors are making homemade ventilators and sharing this news with the world. Do you realize how many nations will attempt to make shift a breathing device? Yes this is the order coming out of the chaos.

Fellowship worldwide. Eyes and ears are open wider. Everyone is self-testing for the coronavirus. Taking notice of what they smell or taste. Because they heard that this was the first sign of attack.  Monitoring temperatures for fevers, washing hands and social distancing is the new practice. Somehow it’s a good thing – having good hygiene practice.

Society will never be the same. The world is one right now. In the war to maintain life against an invisible enemy. Welcome to the new world of order out of the chaos

What to do?

By Edward Valles, Staff reporter and photographer

Although many families are stuck at home right now, there are still plenty of people in public.

Obviously, there are not as many as before the quarantine started, but some stores and restaurants in San Pedro are managing to get by.

…there were a lot of supplies in stock, with the exception of, but not limited to, bread, toilet paper and soaps.

Recently, I went to a grocery store down the street from where I live, and I was surprised to see that there were a lot of supplies in stock, with the exception of, but not limited to, bread, toilet paper and soaps.

The restaurants are staying open by allowing take out, including small businesses.

Both employees and customers are wearing masks and/or gloves, and when it comes to outdoors, the traffic is still moving, but there is almost no one on the sidewalks except for a few joggers wearing training masks, and some dog walkers.



Are you paying attention?

By Erleen Barrett, Staff Writer

Coronavirus is a historical and pandemic disease. Country by country portraits of facial masks and coverings are in display. Who wouldn’t notice? Never has the earth seen such a display of character – social distancing,. Lovers and families unable to walk hand and hand. No public kissing. It’s now considered a crime to spit in public. Everywhere people are being watched for signs of coughs and sneezes.

Sars, Aids and the HH1 Flu – got attention but not as Coronavirus. Are you paying attention?
To the rising revolts springing up in the earth to return to work? Many are happy for the rest at home and some are glad to be home. Receiving money for unemployment? Who ever heard that one would be paid to ‘stay at home’? “Thanks Uncle Sam!” Coronavirus has certainly brought change to everybody.

Next, there shall arise, facial masks for animals. Dogs and cats, horses and more…

Some farmers and business owners are not happy. What about the farm? Our products? It will spoil. Teenagers are openly sharing their discontent about being locked in – at home. Their lifestyle has changed, No more partying or clubbing or hanging out with their friends. Bummer. They are locked down. More like ‘time out’. Many refuse to understand that “It’s for your own good.” Seeing how it’s mainly ‘the elderly’ that’s prone to the disease and ‘society said so’. However, finally, statistics came to save the day! Youth are susceptible. Are they paying attention to that or what they choose to hear?

A life – threatening plague is spreading throughout the earth. Animals are testing positive for the Coronavirus. And zookeepers are blamed. What about the ones in the wild? Are you certain that their contact was from man? Can the animals pass it to other animals or humans? How is this disease really transmitted? Airborne particles and body fluids.. Contact skin to skin? oWhat about chemical trails? Can technological signals be a cause? Inquiring readers want to know the truth. In time – we should know.

IN closing – New Markets have opened since Coronavirus was introduced. Besides the creativity to remain safe from the disease. Next, there shall arise, facial masks for animals. Dogs and cats, horses and more – will have the benefit -of -safety.. YES by wearing masks. And I can imagine them fervently shaking and rubbing them off – to the rhythm of a famous song, “ I can’t feel my face”.
Anyone watching for the emerging changes that are sure to arrive? Are you paying attention?

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