Harbor Veterans share their stories through new podcast series By: Monica Parra

As Veterans Day approaches on Nov. 11, the Veterans Center at Los Angeles Harbor College will celebrate on campus Nov. 14, 2019. During this time LAHC Veterans will promote their first podcast of student members sharing their stories, struggles, and lessons outside of the service that led to where they are today. The Veterans Center... Continue Reading →

Election for President and Vice President

John Jay Robianes and Isaias Morales Jessica Mccarns and Deena Ayesh have been elected as the Associated Student Organization president and vice president respectively for the 2019-2020 school year. Both will begin working on festivities later this month and assume full duties in the fall. “I am glad that I didn't give up on running... Continue Reading →

Update of Financial Aid

By Roman Tmetuchl Many students have been inquiring about their financial aid, and when they can expect to receive their funds for spring as some have yet to receive it causing some to be unable to purchase books. Students should not worry as the nine LACCD Financial Aid offices have been received the inquiries and... Continue Reading →

Seahawk Basketball Recap

By : Xavier Basso                              Los Angeles Harbor College men’s and women’s basketball both had tournaments this past week. The men played in the Antelope Valley tournament Dec.1-3 and the women played in the Contra Costa Tournament Nov. 30- Dec. 3. The... Continue Reading →

The Puente Project

The Puente Project is recruiting for Spring, 2018 classes. The project helps educationally under-served students who intend to transfer to four-year colleges, earn a college degree or return to their communities as leaders and mentors. Spring 2018 classes include English 101 and Counseling 4. Eligibility for English 101 is required and all interested students must... Continue Reading →

New Dean

Nelly Rodriguez has been hired to the newly-created position of Associate Dean, STEM and Academic Pathways. The announcement was made in an email to staff by Sandra Sanchez, Dean, Economic & Workforce Development. Rodriguez fills the ninth dean position of various rank at Los Angeles Harbor College, according to information published on the campus website.... Continue Reading →

The vote for Net Neutrality

By Roman Tmetuchl Recently Net neutrality has become a big topic, especially around the internet with many people around the web stepping up to defend open internet rules because the U.S federal communications commission (FCC) and its chairman Ajit Pai have been campaigning to remove the regulations that stops Internet service providers (ISP’s) from having... Continue Reading →

Admin and out

By Ian Sloan The Los Angeles Harbor College Administration has seen plenty of movement in the last year and a half. Some of this movement has just been internal, but some administrators are leaving altogether. Among the members who have left are Mercedes Yanez, former Dean of Student Services. Yanez left LAHC administration in order... Continue Reading →

Blog about Finals

By Mathew Buddhasiri Finals. Whether you hate them or love them, one thing is for certain… finals are FINAL and you have to take them. Finals are that wonderful “enter sarcastic tone” time of the year where at the end of the each semester of class where one must take one last “final” test to... Continue Reading →

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